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"Sarah Beth might be new to the country scene, but she certainly knows just how to tap into historical music imagery and feelings"



Neon-hearted Country Pop artist Sarah Beth is lighting up the soundwaves with her Country chic vibe. With a playful and unique mix of country and pop, Sarah Beth sends sweet candy-coated lyrics right from her heart to yours. At 22, SB has played all over the place including some world-famous locations such as the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN! She recently collaborated with Silverado Records on their newest addition of their Songwriters Series album with her song, “Like Like”. After moving to Nashville 5 hours post-high school graduation, Sarah Beth went on to write and record multiple songs alongside Grammy Award-winning producer Paul Rossetti. She is currently building her new sound with several new singles that she has written and recorded with Multiple Billboard and Itunes #1 producer Sal Oliveri. 


With over 22 moves across the U.S. in her life, Sarah Beth doesn’t often use the word “hometown” in her vocabulary but does claim one place as her original stomping ground, Winchester, Virginia. Winchester has inspired much of SB’s musical career as she was born there along with one of her country heroes, Patsy Cline. Much of her inspiration comes from country music both old and new and it shines through in her sound. SB’s new single “Birthday” is an upbeat, poppy, and fun tune that encompasses all of the sparkly & sugary vibes of your 10th birthday party. This song throws a party for those people in your life who make everyday super special. Sarah Beth’s fun and energetic side comes out in this jam and will make you wish it was your bday today!






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